Thursday, October 22, 2009

365/365!!! get the picture. I finally made it. ONE WHOLE YEAR!
Well, it's been fun. In case you were wondering, this project was a great one for me to accomplish. At first it was fine. Easy peasy. But then towards the middle it got harder to take a picture everyday. I had to make myself do it on most days otherwise I would forget or become too lazy. I do admit that a lot of my pictures were last minute thoughts and super crappy, but whether my pictures were good or bad, they still made me think. And by thinking, I had a certain creative side of me come out that has helped me throughout.
You may be as sad as me to know that this is my last picture for this blog. But don't you worry your little pants off. I have some more ideas in mind that I'm still thinking about for future photo posts for y'all to look at and enjoy. So I'll try and keep you posted somehow.
and in case you're wondering if I'll ever do this again... the answer is HECK YES! and like I said, I'll keep you posted.
thanks to everyone who helped me keep going. Thank you for your ideas, support, and especially the comments. I looked forward to those.
goodnight and goodbye!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I was having fun editing them today.
technically one year from when I started was supposed to be yesterday (October 20th), so maybe something went wrong. oh well!


These one's here are for my dear friend Amanda Wennstig (mainly becuase me not uploading was breaking her heart). I know they're not the greatest pictures, like I said they were kind of last minute, but the little compact mirror is one of the things she got me from Hong Kong and I absolutely love it. It's beautiful.
p.s. these pictures really aren't that good quality because it was dark, so they're a little grainy. sorry!


I haven't uploaded in a while. Some of you know that already and I am deeply sorry. But I'm back, so don't worry.
You know what sucks more than me not uploading for a few days?? Well let me tell you, I DID take pictures both on Monday and yesterday, but yesterday when I tried to upload them on the computer, they somehow magically got deleted. So pretty much I don't have the original pictures for those days, but I promise you I did take some. So I just took a few other random one's last night to make up for them.

This is a page from my journal that I was working on on Monday night. I usually don't share my journal with people, so consider yourself lucky. But on Sunday I was drawing these weird people that I learned how to draw in 7th grade cartooning and I remembered how much I liked them. So I drew two people (a boy and a girl) kind of dancing and behind them the page is filled with lyrics from 'On the Wing' by Owl City.

"I am floating away lost in a silent ballet I'm dreaming you're out in the blue and I am right beside you

Awake to take in the view"

Sunday, October 18, 2009


4 days!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009


like my shirt? I got it at the thrift store today and I'm in love with it.
cinco dias mas!!

Friday, October 16, 2009


Let's look back through today shall we?
In first period I had a test that I'm pretty sure I aced. If you have any questions about Native Americans just ask me, I'm practically pro. Then I went to advisory where Mr. Barbour talked to me about volunteering.. ew, then Film Analysis where we kept watching The Pianist. We still have a little bit to finish, but it's not a bad movie. I'm just not 100% interested in it because it's about part of the holocaust and I can NOT watch stuff about that. I just can't. So I haven't been watching every scene, but the overall story and picture is good. I'm interested in finding out what happens at the end.
OH! so then I was in the library during lunch (normal) and we have these HUGE windows that overlook the gym, field and the ocean... so I was just sitting there talking to LeAnne when all of a sudden this huge group of people were going down towards the gym because apparently there was going to be a fight. And guess what? there was. It was pretty intense too. But I just liked watching it. haha
Then math... then home.
Mom picked me up and bought me this delicious banana bread from a cool bakery down the hill from my school. :)
Then we watched Tyra ( I love that woman), then went and got our nails done.
I haven't had a manicure is a loooooong time, and oh man it was amazing.
Please, if you have extra time (or money), please treat yourself to a manicure or pedicure. Seriously, it felt like I was in heaven and the whole experience was so relaxing and peaceful.

these are my nails and my sisters. I bet you can't guess whose is whose...=P
oh and i saw these pairs in the window and the sun hitting them looked really neato!