Thursday, September 24, 2009


I know I've said this before, but thrift stores are my love <3
I just love them and can't get enough of them. I like to think that I go to them a lot because they make me happy, but really, I think lately I've come to realize that I might be starting an obssession. It's just that, I have a really hard time going into a thrift store and not buying anything. Even though I usually don't wear all the things I end up buying. But, how can you pass up once in a lifetime deals?
For example, I went to the goodwill yesterday with my momma. I brought my money thinking that I would buy maybe one or two things... this wasn't the case. I cam out with a shirt, a sweater, a dress and a pair of shoes. It's ridiculous. But the deal of the day...
a pair of black (hardly worn) Vans for $7!!!!
You see, I have been wanting a pair of vans for a long time but they're kind of expensive and I only like to spend full price for a pair of shoes if they're converse. So I wasn't planning on getting a pair of vans for reals. But then I saw them yesterday and they were a perfect fit. How could I not?
moral of the story, I just love thrift stores.
*I was told once (yesterday) that I could probably open up my own thrift store with all the random stuff I've bought. and I think that might be close to accurate.
Now I'll describe the bad picture of the stop light, palm tree, and white stuff in the background. That white stuff is called fog, and that's where I live. My little city of Pacifica is located right inside that cloud where it's foggy, cold, and gloomy every day. You can actually tell when you're leaving the could or entering. Recently Stephanie and I have been talking about how much we hate this cloud of ours and decided to call 'it' Fluffy.
So please, whenever you visit or leave Pacifica, please remember to say "hey" or "good-bye" to Fluffy. oh and don't forget to tell him how ridiculous he is.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

today i was at a goodwill and thought about how much i really love to play dress up... and i buy things i don't necessarily wear, because i love knowing that one day i might need those random things.

haha love you, see you tomorrow <3

September 25, 2009 at 4:09 PM  

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