Thursday, April 2, 2009


We took it easy on Tuesday. Pretty much just chilled out. We went to the mall with Stephanie's dad and I bought my awesome skinny jeans from pac sun that I've been wanting to get for a long time. I love them!
We then went back to her house and started watching the 5th season of One Tree Hill...
don't make fun of me, but I love that show. No matter how addicting, ridiculous, dramatic and crazy it is, I really like it. So we watched that, went to bible study with Gretchen in Portland (it was great to see Gretchen and Beth), then went back to watching One Tree Hill. We ate more junk food while staying up until 3 in the morning. It was fantastic! we just couldn't stop watching it.

*my camera is being stupid and wouldn't let me upload all my pictures. So all the important pictures I took for Tuesday of course were the one's that were being stupid. So these are just showing you how pink her room is and how uncomfortable it made me feel (except not really)


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