Sunday, April 19, 2009


*woke up at 5:15 to finish my essay. That equals... 5 hours of sleep= not enough for Emily
Friday was an awesome day. I got an early dismissal to go out of town for one of my really good friend's 16th birthday that evening. My dad and I decided to leave early because traffic is full of craziness trying to get out there on Fridays. But I think we got there a little early because we had a few hours before I had to be at the party. So we just hung out. Jamba Juice, Borders, Itallian restaurant with JUMBO plates of spaghetti. It was fun.
WE kind of ran out of things to do, so I just called my friend's sister to see if I could come early. (oh did I mention that it was a surprise party?? and my friend had no idea that I was even coming!!! cool huh?) So I ended up going over early and helping set up. Then everyone started coming and it was really fun. She was SO surprised that I was there and I was very happy to see her.

They set up a disco ball and music in their garage for dancing and stuff because her and her sister and some of their guy friends know how to swing dance. So a bunch of us learned how and everyone was dancing with each other. It was a great party. <3

*oh and I'm ridiculous and forgot to bring my camera to the party. =( so this was the only picture I took on friday. It was a very nice day but I was mostly in the car.


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